Hawaii – the journey

For anyone who is interested, here is my itinerary for the next day or two.

Thursday 30 Jan:

6am   Taxi arrives to take me to Heathrow. Probably followed by a long wait and leisurely breakfast after going through security.

10.30   Board ~11 hour flight to LA. I have 6 novels on my kindle and a pile of astro papers to read.

9.50pm (1.50pm local time)  Arrive in LA

Friday 31 Jan

1.25am (Thurs 5.25pm local time)   Board flight to Hilo, Hawaii.

7.06am (Thurs 9.06pm local time)   Arrive Hilo, Hawaii and take taxi to my hotel. Where hopefully I will manage to sleep, followed by breakfast at Ken’s House of Pancakes (apparently compulsory for all visiting astronomers)

9pm (11am local time)   Arrive at the Joint Astronomy Centre in Hilo for a briefing.

Saturday 1 Feb

~1am (3pm Friday local time)   Travel up to the Astronomers Residential centre at about 2800m. Here I’ll spend about 24 hours acclimatising before my first observing session.

By which time I think my internal body clock is going to be very confused!




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