Catch Up

It’s hard to believe I’m nearly at the end of my 4th month of my PhD. All my good intentions to do a weekly blog post were in vain. I’ve just been so buy. Anyway, here is a quick catch up and then hopefully I’ll start to blog more regularly.


I seem to have spent a significant part of my PhD so far organising the coffee rota and making coffee. The first years provide coffee for three meetings a week and biscuits for two. I had the task of creating a rota and hence end up covering for anyone who doesn’t show up. The first coffee machine we had broke and had to be replaced, which led to endless jokes about how many astrophysicists it takes to make coffee. One of the things you quickly learn is that PhD life revolves around coffee and biscuits.


I’m off to Hawaii on Thursday, observing at the James Clarke Maxwell Telescope. I have 5 days on the telescope and then my boyfriend is flying out to join me and we have a week’s holiday. Organising this has been one of the biggest time sinks so far. I am told that there is lots of free time when at the telescope so I am planning to blog my trip as well as catch up on some reading.

We moved house

Yes, we finally moved into our new house in late November. Most of the next month was spent unpacking boxes; when I wasn’t having a forced break due to hurting my back. The house is now reasonably tidy, but we haven’t started on all the things that need fixing yet. Everything to do with the house is on hold until after Hawaii.


I have made a start on my project, but haven’t done nearly as much as I’d have hoped. So far I’ve taken some Hubble Telescope images of Lyman break galaxies and catagorised them on the basis of their morphology. Having done that I then had to write some code to automate the process which took a couple of weeks, despite getting lots of help. My coding has now improved, but I haven’t really moved the project forward. This is going to be my top priority when I get back from Hawaii.  More details to follow in a future post.

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