The Beginning

I had my Master’s viva yesterday and am due to start my PhD next week. So this seems like a good moment to start a blog and share my experiences of studying for a PhD in astrophysics. I still have some minor amendments to make on my Master’s thesis, but it is more or less done. So I have a few days of limbo before PhD activities kick off. As I’m staying at the same University the change to PhD is marked by a change of supervisor and project rather than anything else.

As a mature student the switch to full time study has been a little complicated. For the duration of my Masters (9 months) I have been staying with my boyfriends sister during the week and going home at weekends. Now that I am to be based in Hatfield for 3.5 years we are in the process of selling our house in Wokingham and moving to St Albans. So most of my days of limbo will actually be spent packing the last of our stuff into boxes ready for the big move. Just to make life a little more interesting we expect to move out of our house before we have bought a new one and so I will be continuing my nomadic lifestyle for a little while longer. The weekends will be spent with my parents until we have somewhere of our own to live.

When not studying I volunteer with Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue. I’m having to take a break from active searching due to the PhD, but will continue to help with accounting and fundraising. I’ve also been actively involved with UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), although less so this year due to concentrating on my Masters.

So expect this blog to be full of galaxies, stars, statistics, plots, python, house moves, family chat, space exploration, science fiction references, zoo visits and other cool stuff.

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